PLAN 2023 Forum Resources

This page lists resources that may be referred to throughout the PLAN 2023 Forum. Resources will be added throughout the event and in the following days, so be sure to check back!

Professions in Aging Resources

Selected MIT AgeLab Publications

Thought Leadership from Dr. Joseph Coughlin

MIT AgeLab Research Projects & Consortia

  • PLAN: PLAN, or the Preparing for Longevity Advisory Network, is a research consortium that seeks to better understand the future of advice in the global longevity economy. Advisory professionals who are interested in participating and joining a global network of leaders in longevity are invited to join the PLAN panel.
  • CareHive: CareHive is a research consortium that explores family caregiving through an online caregiver panel. Current and former family caregivers participate in surveys, focus groups, and interviews, with research topics including caregiver technology use, self-care, information-seeking, and more.
  • C3: C3, or the Connected Home Logistics Consortium, conducts research to envision the development of novel and evolving home services and serve as a catalyst for organizations across industries.
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