What to know today...

What to know today...

What do people want to be at age 100? The answer may surprise you

August 3, 2023

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What is the MIT AgeLab?

Bryan Reimer on the Ojo-Yoshida Report: Robotaxi Companies Should Stop, Rebo...

September 15, 2023

Caregiving & Well-Being


The AgeLab's research in health, wellbeing, and caregiving integrates health awareness, new technologies, and novel approaches to behavior modification.

Home Logistics & Services


The home is more than simply a place to live. It is a platform to engage with new technologies and services, and enable a better life tomorrow.

Retirement & Longevity Planning


As people are living longer, retirement planning as we know it is being replaced by longevity planning, a concept that requires holistic thinking from the individual, family and societal perspectives.

Transportation & Livable Communities


Transportation is critical to everyday life. More than simply getting from point A to point B, transportation is the key to independence, freedom and meaningful engagement for people of all ages.