Four Lessons Gen Z and Millennials Can Learn from Betty White about Longevity, Work and Retirement

by Adam Felts

AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin writes in Forbes on the lessons of Betty White's very productive 100-year life for members of younger generations. He writes:

"Think about the fact that Betty White was over 50 years old when she got her transformative role on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” - the same decade that many people are told that they are approaching their ‘retirement red zone.’ Even today’s near-retirees need to prepare for a longer retirement that is likely to be as many years as two-thirds of the average career. All of us need to prepare for a longer, vibrant, and ever-changing life. Gen Z and Millennials even more so."

Read the full article on Forbes.

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About the Author

Photo of Adam Felts
Adam Felts

Adam Felts is a researcher and writer at the MIT AgeLab. Currently he is involved in research on the experiences of family caregivers and the future of financial advice. He also manages the AgeLab blog and newsletter. He received his Master's in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Boston University in 2014 and his Master's of Theological Studies from Boston University in 2019.

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