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Recordings of MIT AgeLab delayed digit recall task (nback)

German - Courtesy of Lehrstuhl für Ergonomie, Technische Universität München (Institute for Ergonomics, Technical University Munich)

Korean - Courtesy of DGIST HumanLAB

Swedish* - Courtesy of Pontus Larsson and Johan Engström, Department of Vehicle and Transport Volvo Group Trucks Technology, Advanced Technology & Research

French - Courtesy of IFSTTAR and Lescot (Laboratory of ergonomics and Cognitive Sciences applied to Transport). Thanks to Marie-Pierre Bruyas and Laëtitia Dumont.

Japanese** - Courtesy of Dean P. Chiang, Technical Director of Dynamic Research, Inc.

*Please note this version is 0-back and 1-back only.
**Please note this is just part of the materials.