"A Day in the Life" Study with the MIT AgeLab 85+ Lifestyle Leaders Panel

The MIT AgeLab has conducted an ongoing study focusing on the pandemic experiences of adults ages 85 and over. Utilizing phone interviews and surveys with the MIT AgeLab 85+ Lifestyle Leaders panel, this study has explored the "oldest olds'" pandemic-related risk assessment and mitigation, feelings of social isolation, experiences of living in senior housing, psychological resilience, and more.


  • Miller, J. B., Patskanick, T. R., D’Ambrosio, L. A., & Coughlin, J. F. (2020). Staying Isolated in Order to Stay Safe: Exploring Experiences of the MIT AgeLab 85+ Lifestyle Leaders during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 63(6-7), 694-695.

  • Miller, J., D’Ambrosio, L., Balmuth, A., Brady, S., Raue, M., Patskanick, T., Rudnik, J., & Coughlin, J. (2020). Surviving Together by Staying Apart: How Older Adults Experienced the COVID-19 Crisis. Innovation in Aging, 4(Suppl 1), 482.

  • Miller, J, Patskanick, T., D'Ambrosio, L., Raue, M., Balmuth, A., and Coughlin, J.F. (2020). When Social Isolation Might Save Your Life: An MIT AgeLab Study of Living Through the COVID-19 Crisis at Age 85 and Over, Innovation in Aging, Volume 4, Issue Supplement_1, 2020, Pages 482–483 Link to publication.

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