A large portion of the population is involved in providing unpaid care for a family member. However, not much is known about what caregivers are doing on a daily basis, what services and resources they use, and how they balance caregiving with work and personal life. Researchers at the MIT AgeLab has conducted an exploratory study to learn more about caregivers and the caregiving experience. The research process and results are presented in this website.


Key research questions, details of the data collection process, and more information about the MIT AgeLab are presented.


Who are these caregivers and what do they help with? Learn about their life and caregiving situation.


Caregivers are doing a lot of things. Explore out interactive dashboards to learn more about specific caregiving tasks.


View our reports and publications. Updates on future presentations and academic papers will be posted here.

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MIT AgeLab (2017). Mapping the Caregiver Journey. http://agelab.mit.edu/caregiving.

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