Our work at the AgeLab sits at the intersection of infrastructure, information, and institutions. We explore ideas in information-seeking, the power of place and ‘things' in the environment, as well as business strategies and government policies to develop solutions for aging successfully.

At the AgeLab, we ask ourselves:

  • How do older adults learn, trust, adopt and use new technology and related services?

  • How do novel technologies such a robotics, telemedicine, and vehicle interfaces extend the safety and independence of older adults?

  • What is the optimal design of everyday ‘things' and places to facilitate use as well as to excite and delight across the lifespan?

  • How does the framing of information, formation of social networks and trust in ‘experts' impact the decision-making process of a consumer, patient or client?

  • What are the implications of disruptive demographics on how businesses engage the consumer, develop products and services, deliver value and see aging as a source of economic opportunity?

To learn more about our work and the faculty, researchers and students who are answering these questions and inventing life tomorrow see People.