Elise Tanner

Elise Tanner

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Technical Associate

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Masschusetts Avenue, Room E40 275K
Cambridge, MA 02139

Elise Tanner is a Technical Associate at the MIT AgeLab, where she works with the high-fidelity driving simulator, Miss Daisy. Using her experience with technical programs and digital skills, she also works to improve administrative processes in the lab.  

Elise's background in Human Factors and transportation safety includes previous positions as a Human Factors Engineer at the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center and as a Research Coordinator at the University of Utah.

Elise has studied human-machine interaction, automated vehicles, semi-truck platooning, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and their terminology, and driver behavior.  Her primary research interests are the psychological and physiological aspects of engineering and design of vehicles and transportation systems. Elise is particularly interested in exploring automated vehicle systems and their effect on transportation safety.