Technology and design must adapt for human-centred senior driving experience

AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin discusses the imperative - and challenges ahead - for designing the driving experience to accommodate older adults.

During webinar on the topic, Dr. Coughlin asked, “How do you get your 85-year-old cognitively impaired mother from her couch in the living room into the car? How do you trust the vehicle to take your mother by herself to where she gets to the other end? How do we get out at the other end?”

Rodney Harrell Talks Livable Communities for AgeLab's Aging and Equity Series

The MIT AgeLab hosted Dr. Rodney Harrell, Vice President of Family, Home, and Community at AARP, for a virtual talk on livable communities for older adults. Dr. Harrell’s presentation was part of an ongoing AgeLab speaker series titled Aging and Equity, which aims to amplify researchers, advocates, and practitioners from different disciplinary backgrounds who are working to understand the realities of historically excluded and underserved communities in the context of aging.

For many older millennials, student loan debt delayed buying homes, starting families and pursuing creative careers

AgeLab Research Scientist Julie Miller provides her thoughts for a CNBC article on the impact of student loans on the Millennial generation:

Historically, hitting 40 is a time that can be marked by a sense of scarcity, even without the burden of student loan debt, says Julie Miller, a research scientist at the MIT AgeLab. “At midlife, at least historically, that’s where many people are financially squeezed between saving for their futures and saving for their children,” she says. 

Sheng-Hung Lee Moderates "Constructing Reality" Panel for Design Conference

AgeLab Research Associate Sheng-Hung Lee was moderator of a discussion panel of designers titled “Constructing Reality,” which was part of RealityxDesign, HarvardxDesign’s ninth annual conference. HarvardxDesign is a student-run event organized by student clubs at the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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