Why Robots are the Way of Our Aging Future

Why Robots are the Way of Our Aging Future

AgeLab director Dr. Joe Coughlin is quoted in a Salon article on the applications of robots for older adults. He talks about the expectations that Boomers will have for their old age and how robotics can help them meet their desires:

“It is not about reminding me to take my meds, it is about having overall wellbeing and enabling me to do things, to improve the quality of life, not simply to extend it. We should understand we are designing a lifestyle.”

Coughlin predicted the coming generation of elderly will demand technology to help support them and enhance their lives.

“Are you going to be as polite as your parents?” he asked. “No, you are going to expect a pill, a product or a policy to insure you live longer better because you have seen it your whole life.”

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