PLAN Webinar Discusses Advisors' Strategies for Expanding Conversations

PLAN Webinar Discusses Advisors' Strategies for Expanding Conversations

As part of a new monthly webinar series at the intersection of longevity planning and the future of advice, the MIT AgeLab hosted an interactive webinar for panelists and corporate members of the Planning for Longevity Advisory Network (PLAN).

The September webinar, titled, “Can We Talk? What Clients Really Want to Talk About,” was led by AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin and AgeLab Research Scientist Julie Miller, who discussed findings from multiple surveys that together explored perspectives of financial professionals and financial advisory clients.  

The webinar explored clients’ willingness to discuss different topics with their advisor, clients’ ideas about the different roles that the ideal advisor might play for them, and how that ideal role compares to the respondents’ opinions about what most advisors actually do for their clients. The webinar also explored these topics from another angle- that is, from the standpoint of advisors.

The webinar participants also discussed their own individual perspectives on the breadth of the financial advisor role, and the efforts they have made in their own practices to engage with clients on topics beyond money alone. One participant described his strategy for engaging holistically with clients: My team and I always lead with comprehensive planning: vision, goals, values… [it] helps [clients] have the clarity necessary to make great decisions. It is a more relevant conversation where the discovery of feelings enhances the relationship.  They need to feel that they matter to you.”

The next PLAN webinar, which will examine client conversations on social media, will be held in October.