Martina Raue Publishes Volume on Risk and Risk Analysis

Martina Raue Publishes Volume on Risk and Risk Analysis

AgeLab researcher Martina Raue, PhD, is a co-editor of a new volume titled Psychological Perspectives on Risk and Risk Analysis, which was published by Springer in October 2018. “This authoritative collection goes beyond economic statistics and probability data to offer a robust psychological understanding of risk perception and risk-taking behavior,” the publisher writes.

The opening of the book’s preface, co-written by Dr. Raue, reads:

Some people decide to go base jumping or free climbing, while others – or even the same people – get nightmares from the thought of having to fly in an airplane … People fear terrorist attacks, but not heart attacks, despite the fact that more people die from heart attacks than terrorist attacks. Some companies grow and expand in the face of changing markets, new technologies, and emerging regulations, while their competitors fall into bankruptcy around them. These examples demonstrate that people, either for themselves or as members of an organization, are good at judging risk in certain situations, but fail in other situations. Different people judge risks differently than others and some seem to take more risks than others. Psychology offers explanations for these observations, strategies to communicate risk effectively, and practical implications for industry and policy. This volume bundles many of these insights.

Dr. Raue also contributes a chapter titled “The Use of Heuristics in Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty.”

Psychological Perspectives on Risk and Risk Analysis may be previewed or purchased here via Springer.