The Longevity Hub: A Boston Globe and MIT AgeLab Collaboration

The Longevity Hub: A Boston Globe and MIT AgeLab Collaboration

The MIT AgeLab has partnered with the Boston Globe to produce a series of articles on Boston's potential to become the new "Silicon Valley of Longevity." In the first article of the series, AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin and Research Associate Luke Yoquinto write,

"In the 1980s, Boston fumbled an opportunity that would haunt it for generations. If, at the dawn of that decade, you were asked to predict where America’s technological epicenter would soon develop, you might have pointed to the area defined by Route 128. There, a leading group of computer developers had set up shop, supported by a web of academic, business, government, and financial interests. The country’s high-tech future was being written and, as in revolutions past, it seemed Boston would be holding the quill.

Instead, however, the future headed west. Silicon Valley, not Boston, was the site of the personal computer revolution — and several subsequent ones as well.

Today, Greater Boston has that rarest of opportunities: a shot at a do-over. More than any other region, it is showing the early signs of a new sort of innovation cluster. Boston’s fledgling Longevity Hub, as we at the MIT AgeLab have begun calling it, has become a major source of creativity in response to population aging: perhaps the most significant-yet-inevitable trend coming to global economies."

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