Kayne Anderson and Joseph Coughlin are Long on Data

Kayne Anderson and Joseph Coughlin are Long on Data

AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin appears on Bloomberg TV to discuss the role of changing demographics in determining the future of real estate.

Real estate investor Kayne Anderson observes that his private equity group's primary areas of investment in the last five years have been in medical offices and senior housing, "demographically driven, highly fragmented sectors with operational intensity."

Dr. Coughlin discusses the increased expectations of Baby Boomers to have experiences in old age that are equally "as exciting and delighting" as the ones they had in their youth--including in senior housing. 70 percent of discretionary income in the United States is controlled by those 50 and older. "This is not your grandfather's old age. They expect more, and they will buy it."

Anderson mentions that some of the strongest areas of growth in senior housing are in college towns--Charleston, Raleigh, Nashville--because student areas provide "a huge infrastructure of experiential dynamics."

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