Julie Miller Gives Presentations Across U.S. on Student Debt Research

Julie Miller Gives Presentations Across U.S. on Student Debt Research

Throughout the month of June, AgeLab researcher Julie Miller gave presentations covering her ongoing student debt research in Austin, Texas, Washington, D.C., and Columbus, Ohio.

On June 1, Ms. Miller spoke at NASPA's 2018 Symposium on Collegiate Financial Well-Being, a meeting of higher education administrators. She spoke for a session titled “Is That My Job? Preparing Student Loan Borrowers for Financial Security in Retirement.”

On June 21, she attended the Work and Family Research Network Conference in Washington, D.C, giving a presentation titled “Living Longer with Student Loans: How Workers and Families Experience the Intersection of Student Debt and Retirement-Planning,” before an audience of academic researchers interested in work and family issues.

On June 25, Ms. Miller and Research Specialist Samantha Brady presented at the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) National Conference, helming a session titled “Living Longer with Student Loans: What is the Role of the Financial Aid Community in Preparing Borrowers for Their Aging Futures?”

Julie Miller's research on student debt draws on focus groups and survey data to understand the impact of student loans on retirement planning and on familial relationships. The research will culminate in a PhD dissertation in social work at Boston College.