Joe Coughlin Interviewed on New Hampshire Public Radio

Joe Coughlin Interviewed on New Hampshire Public Radio

An hour-long radio interview with AgeLab founder and Director Joe Coughlin appears on New Hampshire Public Radio.

New Hampshire is now the second-oldest state in the U.S., and like the rest of the country, facing a so-called "Silver Tsunami," a future demographic makeup in which there are more 65 year olds than 15 year olds.

Speaking with NHPR's Laura Knoy, Dr. Coughlin talked about the need to fashion new narratives of life in older age.

An excerpt from the interviw:

Laura: You know it's interesting that we greatly underestimate the power of story, the power of narrative that guides our lives. And the narrative of old age in many ways was written [for] a time when we were doing factories, where we changed people out the way we changed equipment...

Joe: The idea was to create this narrative where there was a natural time for you to essentially get off the grid, to get out of the way--for those younger people that were auguring for your job or [because] we needed young able bodies to have a productive factory. since we were running society the way we would run a mill. The problem is that A. we [now] have a lot more older people, [and] secondly, work isn't that way anymore, and society has changed dramatically. Quite often what you once did with your hands is [now] done by machine ... your mind is of greater value than how much weight you can lift.

Listen to the interview in full here.