Governor Baker, Joe Coughlin Speak at Pioneer Institute

Governor Baker, Joe Coughlin Speak at Pioneer Institute

On June 19, AgeLab Director Dr. Joseph Coughlin gave the keynote address at the Pioneer Institute's 26th Annual Better Government Competition Awards Dinner. The 2017 Competition sought new ideas for care and support for aging citizens in Massachusetts and the country at large.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker also attended and gave remarks at the event.

The winner of the Competition was Hebrew SeniorLife, which has established senior housing programs in Massachusetts that support older residents with wellness teams, giving them independence while providing rapid access to health care service.

Dr. Coughlin spoke about how Massachusetts is at a unique, pivotal position to respond to the challenges and opportunities posed by longevity--not only to improve the quality of life for older people, but to build enterprises around the new longevity economy, Large, locally-based companies like General Electric, Phillips and Liberty Mutual are already major and significant players in the sphere. Longevity is too big for business and too big for government alone: A partnership between the two is necessary to catalyze and create new products, services and experiences for older people. As a burgeoning leader in aging innovation, Massachusetts' breakthroughs can be exported to the country and the world.

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