Bobbie Seppelt Quoted in Article on Policing 'Semi-Autonomous' Vehicles

Bobbie Seppelt Quoted in Article on Policing 'Semi-Autonomous' Vehicles

AgeLab Research Scientist Bobbie Seppelt provides her thoughts for a Popular Mechanics article on the tension between advanced driver assistance systems, personal responsibility, and the law:

"Bobbie Seppelt, a research scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab and chair of autonomous driving for the Society of Automotive Engineers, doesn’t believe new regulations will have much effect.

“Enforcing laws prohibiting a person from misusing driver-assists would be difficult in the same way it has been difficult to regulate cell phone use,” Seppelt says. “Often, that misuse is on a second-by-second basis, which is hard to catch.”

Seppelt also believes laws limiting the use of these features could curtail their adoption, and thus put a damper on their potential safety benefits, which she feels far outweigh their faults.

The cause isn’t hopeless. But in order to keep highways safe, drivers need to better understand driver assist technology and carmakers need to improve transparency as human mobility evolves."

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