AgeLab Researchers Present at 2019 Transportation Research Board Conference

AgeLab Researchers Present at 2019 Transportation Research Board Conference

AgeLab Research Scientists Chaiwoo Lee and Bobbie Seppelt and AgeLab Postdoctoral Associate Steven Landry presented AgeLab research at the Transportation Research Board 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Chaiwoo Lee described a paper developed out offindings from the AgeLab's Lifestyle Leader's group, a panel of Boston-area adults aged 85 and older. For this study, the panel was surveyed to understand the issues they face with transportation and the adaptations they have made to changes in their mobility. 

Steven Landry presented a poster for a paper titled "Comparing Training Methods For Using a Semi-Automated Driving System." This study compared how two different types of training on a semi-automated perpendicular parking technology--an in-person walkthrough and a manufacturer-supplied video--impacted performance, drivers’ perceptions toward automation, degree of learning, emotions using automation, trust in automation, and likelihood to use or recommend automation to others.

Bobbie Seppelt gave a poster presentation illuminating findings from a paper titled To "Walk or Not to Walk: Crowd-Sourced Assessment of External Vehicle-to-Pedestrian Displays." This study obtained findings from 200 online respondents on their perceptions of 30 external vehicle-to-pedestrian display concepts, a technology that may be used to allow autonomous vehicles to communicate with pedestrians at crossings and intersections.

Dr. Landry's and Dr. Seppelt's presentations came out of research performed in collaboration with Aeronautics and Astronautics students taking the Human Factors Engineering course at MIT.

All three papers can be found on the AgeLab's 2019 Publications page.