AgeLab Researcher Profile: Chaiwoo Lee

AgeLab Researcher Profile: Chaiwoo Lee

Dr. Chaiwoo Lee has employed her background in industrial engineering and human factors to study how people across generations respond to different kinds of technologies and services. As a Research Scientist at the MIT AgeLab, she looks at the matrix of factors that lead consumers to adopt new technologies.

Her work encompasses a variety of projects, including caregiving, robo-advising, the sharing economy, generational differences, and human interactions with new automotive technologies.

Currently, Dr. Lee is organizing the C3 Connected Home Consortium to meet the key needs of changing demographics around connectivity, convenience and care (C3). In particular, the C3 Consortium will focus on developing a platform that integrates Internet-of-Things technologies and sharing economy services with advanced data analytics capabilities and security structures to improve the quality of life and independence of older adults, as well as to provide convenience and peace of mind to their family and younger generations. 

In 2010, when she was a doctoral student at MIT, “The AgeLab found me,” Chaiwoo says. The lab was commencing its eHome project and needed an engineer to design and evaluate the product’s user interfaces. The eHome project ultimately became a part of Dr. Lee’s doctoral thesis, which examined the factors that influence technology adoption, looking from both users’ and designers’ perspectives.

Chaiwoo began following Korean basketball while working toward her Master’s degree, and she even entertained the idea of making a career in sports data analytics. That interest has translated into an ardent love of Boston sports – Celtics, Patriots and especially the Red Sox. She easily has the largest collection of Red Sox player bobbleheads among all AgeLab staff!