AgeLab on NPR's All Things Considered

AgeLab on NPR's All Things Considered

The AgeLab e-Home Social Kitchen project, led by Professor Oli deWeck and Daisuke Asai, will be featured on NPR's All Things Considered today, at 4 and 6:20 pm. The e-Home project finds solutions to everyday living that allow older adults to complete daily tasks independently and safely.

“Simply managing medications and eating right is a clear pathway for older adults to maintain well-being and independence as they age,” said AgeLab Director, Joe Coughlin. “AgeLab is leveraging NASA-sponsored research conducted by Professor deWeck to manage the logistics of the space station, making innovations in RFID and intelligent systems in space relevant to every mom's kitchen here on earth."

The envisioned “smart” kitchen would include a range of services from programs that remind you to take your meds and address nutritional needs to a system that tracks appliance use and sends out an alert when it senses unusual activity.

“Instead of previous applications of technology to make the house something that watches us, we envision the kitchen to be a social hub facilitating friends, family, and maybe even physicians and retailers, to support medication management and optimal nutritional decisions,” said Coughlin.  

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