AgeLab on AARP's Inside E Street television program

AgeLab on AARP's Inside E Street television program

AARP’s Inside E Street, which airs on public television throughout the nation, featured AgeLab in a multi-part program. In the first segment, Boomer Consumers, Correspondent Lark McCarthy suits up in AGNES and finds new challenges in opening packaging, chopping vegetables, and using cleaning products.

McCarthy interviewed AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin, who explained how AGNES allows individuals in academia, industries and the medical field to understand the difficulties of old age and learn to reduce what he terms the “friction of old age.” He added that the Baby Boomers are disinterested in products marketed to older adults because they refuse to be labeled as lacking in any way. He described the boomers as “Generation Expectation” with high expectations for products and services to continue their current lifestyle. “Life does not stop when you retire,” he said.

Next, McCarthy is introduced to the AwareCar by Research Scientist Bryan Reimer. She uses the park assist feature on the Lincoln MKS and notes, “In the future we may be trusting cars to take over if we’re impaired by medication or we’re tired or anxious.”

The first segment can be watched here.

In another segment, entitled AgeLab Home to Home, AgeLab’s eHome is introduced. The project is demonstrated by research associates Dick Myrick, Jarrod Orszulak and Daisuke Asai, who show how the system tracks medications, appliance use and allows for video chat and information sharing between an older adult and their adult child.

The segment can be watched here.