Advanced Vehicle Technology Consortium Holds Meeting at AgeLab

Advanced Vehicle Technology Consortium Holds Meeting at AgeLab

The MIT AgeLab-led Advanced Vehicle Technology (AVT) consortium held its most recent meeting at MIT to discuss ongoing research related to vehicle automation and driver behavior. AVT was organized with a mission statement to “collect and analyze cutting-edge data that objectively characterizes the behavioral and safety benefit of advanced driver assistance systems, higher levels of automation, and other in-vehicle technologies under real-use conditions.” AVT operates a fleet of production consumer vehicles that are instrumented to collect naturalistic data such as video, vehicle information (e.g. speed, automation system status), as well as location (GPS) and other measures as drivers operate the vehicles for extended periods of time.

Some the topics covered at the meeting included:

  • Mode transitions between driver and automated systems in the Cadillac CT6 and Tesla Autopilot.

  • Relating driving behavior to risk for individual subtypes of drivers.

  • Rates of forward collision warning (FCW) events in different operating contexts and automation modes.

  • An update of safety benefit estimation.

Collaborative work between the AVT technical team and members included a presentation by JD Power on a collaborative survey on driver understanding and feelings about forward collision features (FCW, AEB) as well as a presentation by Affectiva on the automatic analysis of driver emotions and expressions in daily driving scenarios drawing on AVT naturalistic driving data. Dr. Robert Molloy, chief of the Report Development Division in the Office of Highway Safety of the Nation Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) also gave an invited talk.

Agero, Aptiv, Liberty Mutual, Jaguar Land Rover, Veoneer, and Toyota were founding members of the consortium. Over the past three years, the current membership has grown to include: Consumer Reports, Progressive, the Insurance Institute for highway Safety, Google, JD Power, Travel Centers of America, Volvo Cars, Audi / AID, Lear, Travelers, and Affectiva.

AVT brings together a unique partnership of automotive manufacturers, tier-one suppliers, insurance companies, and safety and consumer advocate organizations. Organizations interesting in learning more about the activities of the consortium, and possibly joining, can contact Dr. Bryan Reimer (