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News & Events

2017-08-08 • An article in Wired on human-AV interaction features thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer: Somewhere in northern Virginia, a man dressed as a car seat seeks the answers to vital… Read more


2017-08-07 • A new blog post by Joseph Coughlin on surprising robotics investment opportunities appears on "Robots are in the process of changing nearly every aspect of our lives. Our cars are… Read more


2017-08-06 • AgeLab director Dr. Joe Coughlin is quoted in a Salon article on the applications of robots for older adults. He talks about the expectations that Boomers will have for their old age and how robotics… Read more


2017-08-03 • The Advanced Vehicle Technology Consortium held its third yearly onsite meeting on August 2nd and 3rd. Founded by the AgeLab, Touchstone Evaluations, and AGERO, the Consortium includes as its members… Read more


2017-08-02 • The MIT AgeLab will be a member of CSRC Next, a five year partnership of eight leading North American research institutes that seeks to facilitate a safer transition to the future of mobility, funded… Read more


2017-08-01 • In a new article on, Joe Coughlin writes about the importance of visualizing retirement as more than just an extended vacation: "A vacation, by definition, is only a short break from… Read more


2017-07-26 • Thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer appear in an article on Popular Mechanics about the intellectual property battles over autonomous vehicle technology. From the article: Ideally,… Read more


2017-07-25 • An Atlantic piece by AgeLab director and Longevity Economy author Joseph Coughlin about age-ready cities is adapted by Blue Zones, which studies communities that encourage increased longevity and… Read more


2017-07-19 • A story on technology and policy news website StateScoop features comments from AgeLab Research Scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer on the hurdles facing the implementation of fully autonomous vehicles. In… Read more


2017-07-19 • The MIT AgeLab conferred 2017 OMEGA scholarships on three Massachusetts high school students at a reception held at MIT”s Samberg Conference Center on July 19. Sponsored by the AgeLab and AARP, OMEGA… Read more


2017-07-14 • AgeLab researchers Chaiwoo Lee, PhD, Samantha Brady, and Carley Ward attended the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in Vancouver, Canada, giving presentations on AgeLab… Read more


2017-07-05 • A story about the AgeLab-helmed Advanced Human Factors Evaluator for Automotive Demand Consortium (AHEAD) has appeared in Wired. Nearly 40,000 people died on American roads last year, and experts… Read more


2017-06-30 • Print magazine has published a brilliant in-depth profile of the MIT AgeLab's typeface research, led by Research Scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer and former Research Scientist Dr. Jon Dobres. From the… Read more


2017-06-21 • On June 21, in collaboration with the MIT AgeLab, the Jefferson College of Population Health, and Health eVillages, Tivity Health hosted a conference on rural aging in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The… Read more


2017-06-21 • On June 21, in collaboration with the MIT AgeLab, the Jefferson College of Population Health, and Health eVillages, Tivity Health hosted a conference on rural aging in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The… Read more


2017-06-19 • On June 19, AgeLab Director Dr. Joseph Coughlin gave the keynote address at the Pioneer Institute's 26th Annual Better Government Competition Awards Dinner. The 2017 Competition sought new ideas for… Read more


2017-05-31 • We know that FOMO, or the fear of missing out, plagues those who spend a lot of time consuming social media, particular among the younger cohort. But might a different kind of FOMO plague the older… Read more


2017-05-28 • On the weekend of May 25-28, the Association for Psychological Science (APS) held its 2017 convention in Boston, Massachusetts. AgeLab researchers Chaiwoo Lee and Martina Raue gave presentations at… Read more


2017-05-26 • An article from Minnesota Public Radio News examines the results of the annual AgeLab automation survey. "A lot of problems are going to be solved when self-driving cars become a thing. But first a… Read more


2017-05-25 • has published an article that profiles the MIT AgeLab's second annual automation survey. The survey shows that acceptance of fully automated vehicles has decreased in the last year,… Read more


2017-05-25 • Today at New England Motor Press Association’s annual Tech Conference, MIT AgeLab Research Scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer will present the results of an annual automation preferences survey. Last year,… Read more


2017-05-25 • An article from Consumer Reports summarizes the results of the MIT AgeLab's annual automation survey, particularly the finding that people have grown less accepting of autonomous vehicles since last… Read more


2017-05-25 • Business journalism website TheStreet published an article on the results of the AgeLab's annual automation survey, which found that public acceptance of fully autonomous vehicles has declined in the… Read more


2017-05-24 • Ludwig Maximilian University post-doctoral researcher Dr. Eva Lermer gave a presentation on construal level theory at the AgeLab on May 24. Dr. Lermer spoke at the invitation of AgeLab researcher Dr… Read more


2017-05-23 • Lisa D’Ambrosio presented a talk for TRIPPS on May 23, 2017, at the Brookline, MA senior center. TRIPPS distributes information and news about local transit services to people in the metropolitan… Read more


2017-05-20 • On May 20, AgeLab’s Samantha Brady and Dana Ellis led a workshop with healthcare track students at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. To better understand the particular needs and… Read more


2017-05-11 • In an article for NextAvenue, Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin talks about the errors researchers, industry and investors might be making as they enter the converging fields of longevity and technology. Dr.… Read more


2017-05-09 • During a panel discussion for MarketWatch, Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin moves beyond mere retirement planning toward longevity planning. How will financial advisors help their clients with the following… Read more


2017-05-09 • In an article for MarketWatch, Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin writes about how the proper integration of "robo advising" technology will not make financial advisors obsolete, but will allow them to elevate… Read more


2017-05-09 • The Milken Institute 2017 Summit on Business and the Future of Aging brought together thought and business leaders across the aging landscape, including founder Marc Freedman, Honor CEO… Read more