15 Things You'll Do In Your Driverless Car

15 Things You'll Do In Your Driverless Car

Joe Coughlin has published a new thinkpiece via his Disruptive Demographics blog on BigThink:

"Discussions of autonomous vehicles have become so commonplace that by the time driverless cars are widely available, the public’s excitement may be long over. Robotic cars have become as ubiquitous a feature on the evening news as the “incredibly cute pet” story. It is time to ask what might be the impacts of autonomous vehicles on business and society? And if driving is left to the robots, will we also be inventing a new ridership economy from the hours we gain being no longer at the steering wheel?

What will you be doing in your self-driving car? The Auto Insurance Center recently conducted a survey that asked that very question. While this is clearly not the first such study, and most assuredly will not be the last, the findings present some interesting data.

Here is the top ten list of activities that 2,000 drivers from around the world said they will do when they are freed from the wheel..."

Read the full article here.




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