2015-12-08 • As the younger generation appears to back away from driving their own vehicles those 60 years and older continue to remain committed to the independence that comes with owning and piloting their own… Read more


2015-12-03 • MIT AgeLab's AGNES suit has achieved international stardom and in the latest issue of Foreign Policy Magazine is embraced again in an article titled The Future of Accesability Innovation .


2015-11-30 • "The next-generation retiree will have an unprecedented array of technologies and tech-enabled services to invent a new future for working part time, remaining social, having fun, living at home,… Read more


2015-10-28 • The MIT AgeLab's own Director Joseph Coughlin has made Next Avenue's list of Most Influential People in Aging. Joe is placed in the company of 50 thought leaders, innovators, writers, advocates,… Read more


2015-10-27 • In a recent article for The Atlantic, AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin considers the changing patterns of retirement and relocation among Boomers, and imagines “Gerontopia,” a community of the future… Read more


2015-10-12 • Speaking to InvestmentNews, AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin contributes some thoughts on The Critical Retirement Cost Many Adviser's Aren't Discussing With Clients.


2015-10-01 • Animated in conjunction with the MIT AgeLab's Life Tomorrow Roundtable held on September 30th, 2015, here is the exclusive Life on Demand: A Possible Tomorrow video.


2015-09-30 • The MIT AgeLab convened the daylong symposium "Life Tomorrow? There's an App for That!" on Sept 30, 2015, to trigger a conversation on how sharing and on-demand companies might serve tomorrow's older… Read more


2015-08-25 • In a Disruptive Demographic blog post, AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin outlines Jimmy Carter’s struggle with cancer and how the former President’s vitality and energy are redefining the public’s view of… Read more


2015-08-18 • In an article for Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research’s Squared Away blog, AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin discusses the future of retirement and the coming demographic shift facing this… Read more


2015-08-10 • In this Disruptive Demographics blog post, AgeLab director Joe Coughlin outlines four factors (activities, intensity, density, and accessibility) that he believes will be crucial for tomorrow’s “… Read more


2015-07-31 • In a Disruptive Demographic blog post, AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin examines the ways that boomers and older adults might utilize the sharing economy, on-demand services, and smartphone apps as well… Read more


2015-07-27 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin considers the possible applications of drones, and autonomous systems generally, for homebound elderly and their families. In his article From Meals-on-Wheels to Dinner-… Read more


2015-07-27 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin provides his take on technology and older users in the Money Section of the New York Times. The article discusses innovations that are available today to help with health… Read more


2015-07-23 • Read Joe Coughlin's thoughts and reflections on the 2015 White House Conference on Aging, technology, and innovation on his BigThink blog Disruptive Demographics. 


2015-07-22 • On July 21, 2015, Birgit Kramer, AgeLab Fellow & Network Aging Research, and Olivia DaDalt, AgeLab Research Associate, presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) in… Read more


2015-07-17 • On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, Joe Coughlin keynoted the 40th National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) Conference with Joy Powell, President, Healthways Senior Solutions Division. Their… Read more


2015-07-15 • On Monday, July 13th, 2015, Joe Coughlin was invited to present at the White House Conference on Aging, marking the 50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act and Medicare. The event held in the… Read more


2015-07-10 • In June, several AgeLab researchers presented at the 8th International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in Driver Assessment, Training and Vehicle Design. Joonbum Lee presented work done with Alina… Read more


2015-06-28 • Joe Coughlin interviewed in The Atlantic. Many older Americans want and need to keep working, but that requires a major shift in the way the country thinks about the elderly. Read More: http://www.… Read more


2015-06-18 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin describes Uber’s recent shift away from a 1099 workforce and toward their new employment strategy and discusses the implications for older workers in an article on WSJ… Read more


2015-06-03 • The Internet of Things, where all things around you, on you and, soon, in you, begin to talk, offers great potential to improve how well we will live in retirement and older age. These tech-enabled… Read more


2015-06-02 • AgeLab Director, Dr. Joseph Coughlin shares the latest truths to meet the financial demands for longevity beyond retirement. Published on MarketWatch read the complete article 'Is Your Retirement… Read more


2015-05-29 • As the autonomous car becomes closer to a mass produced and readily available technology, MIT AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin co-authors a piece with Research Associate Lucas Yoquinto exploring the… Read more


2015-05-29 • Responsible Saving versus Lifestyle Expenses, AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin weighs in on the subject in this article titled 'Here's How Americans Are Eating Into Their Savings' that appeared on… Read more


2015-05-21 • This week, AgeLab/UTC director Joseph Coughlin and research associate Luke Yoquinto co-authored a piece in Slate on the profound unsung implications of the autonomous car. Titled "The Long Road Home… Read more


2015-05-21 • MIT AgeLab research scientist and New England UTC associate director Bryan Reimer presented at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) forum Cognitive Distraction: What Were You… Read more


2015-05-13 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin is the featured ‘Guru Interview’ in Insurance News. In the May isssue Coughlin discusses the need for new thinking about tomorrow’s retirement. He argues that financial… Read more


2015-05-08 • The MIT AgeLab and Transamerica released The Caregiver’s Guide to Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia, a guide that equips caregivers with the information and tools to ask the right… Read more


2015-05-01 • Investigators at the AgeLab continue to make headway into the expanding field of driving behavior research with three presentations at the New England Chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics… Read more


2015-05-01 • This week MIT Agelab Director Joseph Coughlin, attended the 2015 Milken Institute Global Conference held in Beverly Hills, California. Watch video of him moderate the panel titled 'Next-Century… Read more


2015-05-01 • This week MIT Agelab Director Joseph Coughlin, attended the 2015 Milken Institute Global Conference held in Beverly Hills, California. Watch video of him moderate the panel titled 'Next-Century… Read more


2015-05-01 • This week MIT Agelab Director Joseph Coughlin, attended the 2015 Milken Institute Global Conference held in Beverly Hills, California. Watch video of him speak as part of the panel on 'Silver… Read more


2015-05-01 • This week MIT Agelab Director Joseph Coughlin, attended the 2015 Milken Institute Global Conference held in Beverly Hills, California. Watch video of him speak as part of the panel on 'Silver… Read more


2015-04-30 • In a recent article on WSJ MarketWatch, AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin writes on the role of livability on quality aging and retirement. Like real estate, Coughlin asserts that quality of life in… Read more


2015-04-30 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin published How the Internet of Things Will Transform Retirement on Wall Street Journal online. His article details how advances in smart technologies may support health,… Read more


2015-04-29 • MIT AgeLab research scientist and New England UTC associate director Bryan Reimer has been quoted in a new article published in collobration with Monotype. Titled "How to Design Smartwatch Uls" the… Read more


2015-04-29 • AgeLab Scientific Lunch Series hosted Clara Berridge, PHD, MSW, a post-doctoral research fellow at the Center for Gerontoloy & Health Care Research at Brown University. The work presented… Read more


2015-04-16 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin channeled his inner George Carlin for this humorous and informative editorial published in the Wall Street Journal today. Titled The New Retirement Minimalism: Get Rid… Read more


2015-04-13 • MIT AgeLab research scientist and New England UTC associate director Bryan Reimer authored a study published in full in the journal Ergonomics titled “Assessing the impact of typeface design in a… Read more


2015-04-13 • Research conducted by Joe Coughlin, Arielle Burstein and Christina Lelon was reported in Forbes Magazine. The team conducted a sentiment analysis of reviews of financial advisors on social media to… Read more


2015-03-25 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin and research associate Luke Yoquinto published an article in Slate today about the threat and promise that will be posed by the Internet of Things to older adults who… Read more


2015-03-17 • Research associate Arielle Burstein spoke at Waterstone at Wellesley to community members about past and current AgeLab research. She discussed technologies that AgeLab is analyzing for usability and… Read more


2015-03-17 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin and Research Associate Luke Yoquinto discuss in a Wall Street Journal MarketWatch article how New England’s record snowfall forced many to work from home. While the snow… Read more


2015-03-17 • AgeLab research scientist and New England Center associate director Bryan Reimer spoke at SXSWInteractive about his ongoing typeface research. As screens and browser access appear in cars, how can… Read more


2015-03-17 • Joe Coughlin keynoted this year's Global Investment Forum, which hosted financial leaders from five continents whose work span investment, hedge funds, venture capital and banking. Held this year in… Read more


2015-03-17 • On Saturday, AgeLab research scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer chaired a panel “Learning to Let Tech Take the Wheel“ at the C3 Connected Car Pavilion and Expo. held in conjunction with SXSW in Austin, Texas… Read more


2015-03-17 • MIT AgeLab research scientist and New England UTC associate director Bryan Reimer authored a blog piece for the Huffington Post entitled "Chasing Glances." The piece discusses how a driver's… Read more


2015-03-16 • We are excited to invite residents of the Boston metropolitan area to participate in a new survey on transportation and daily life during the historic winter storms that we recently experienced. The… Read more


2015-03-12 • An article on Electronics Weekly discussed AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer's studies exploring how information on small digital displays can be most efficiently transferred. Read the article… Read more


2015-03-11 • LONDON, UK - Speaking before a gathering of CEO’s from many of Europe’s and Southwest Asia’s largest corporations, Coughlin described the implications of demographic transition on the development of… Read more


2015-03-09 • Joseph Coughlin and Luke Yoquinto recently published When Robots Begin to Care on The Huffington Post Science. The article challenges the popular notion that robots may take human jobs, suggesting… Read more


2015-03-05 • Joseph Coughlin, founder and Director of the MIT AgeLab, delivered opening remarks and moderated Our Aging Market: Why Businesses Need to Respond, Harvard Business School Symposium, Boston,… Read more


2015-03-03 • It’s 5:15 PM, and you’re driving on the highway as you travel home from work. You fiddle with your phone in your lap, attempting to call home while also trying to keep your eyes as much as possible… Read more


2015-02-23 • MIT AgeLab director Joseph Coughlin joined Civic Ventures Marc Freedman, AARP’s Jody Holzman and University of Southern California’s Pinchas Cohen to discuss the new opportunity of old age. Held in… Read more


2015-02-19 • Last week, Martin Lavallière, a postdoctoral research fellow at the AgeLab, presented a keynote lecture at the International Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene (SHO2015) held in Guimaraes,… Read more


2015-01-28 • AgeLab research was overviewed by Richard Griffin's local column "Growing Older". Read MIT AgeLab Produces Interesting Findings.


2015-01-27 • Joe Coughlin calls for new thinking on automation and the changing context of the transportation operator. AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin keynoted the Annual Transportation Research Board's Human… Read more


2015-01-27 • Joe Coughlin and Luke Yoquinto reflect on what wearable computing may mean for older adults on Disruptive Demographics. Read the post here.


2015-01-23 • AgeLab Director spoke before the CEOs of the nation’s largest real estate developers and investors. The gathering of senior decision-makers, held at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah,… Read more


2015-01-13 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer was interviewed by the BBC in Detroit Motor Show: Car firms take on the tech giants


2015-01-12 • We are excited to invite you to participate in an online research project. For those of you who have not been able to participate in studies at our lab, this is a great way to get involved! We are… Read more


2015-01-06 • The Honorable Anthony Foxx, United States Secretary of Transportation visited the AgeLab and received a tour of the instrumented vehicles from AgeLab director Joe Coughlin (left) and research… Read more