2013-12-20 • AgeLab director Joe Coughlin was part of a panel discussion on the Diane Rehm Show discussing the value of older workers in the workforce.  Audio and transcripts from the show are available here.


2013-12-18 • Results from The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence’s Top Technologies study were featured in the USA Today snapshot, which ran in four Gannett newspapers: Indianapolis Star; The News-Press… Read more


2013-12-18 •  AgeLab and The Hartford's joint efforts on breaking down the difficulties that older drivers face was featured in a New York Times article that considers alternatives to giving up the keys. Read the… Read more


2013-12-12 •  Students in course 2.009 Product Engineering came to the MIT AgeLab to learn about Paro and how therapeutic robots can improve the lives of dementia patients. A description of this project and… Read more


2013-12-02 • AgeLab research scientist Bruce Mehler spoke on a series of shows for Popular Science Radio on November 27. He discussed the latest technology found in vehicles available on the market today, driver… Read more


2013-11-26 • AgeLab research scientist Bruce Mehler took part in the panel “Overcoming the Distracted Driving Roadblock” at the LA Auto Show 2013 and discussed research directed at understanding how drivers… Read more


2013-11-19 • Automotive control systems that are designed to keep drivers’ hands on the wheel may sometimes actually lead people to take their eyes off the road. That’s one of many conclusions from a new study on… Read more


2013-11-18 • The entire world is facing the challenge of aging well, and the world is a diverse place. Due to economic and cultural differences, solutions for one region may not make sense in others. But at the… Read more


2013-11-09 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin delivered the University of Colorado Excellence in Leadership Lecture before senior administrators and faculty at the University of Colorado. The annual honor features… Read more


2013-10-30 • The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) recognized AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin as its 2013 Thought Leader. Delivering the keynote lecture to thousands of attendees in… Read more


2013-10-28 • Research by AgeLab research scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer was the focus of a recent New York Times article. The article weighed the potential risks vehicles that increasingly take workload away from… Read more


2013-10-24 • Joe Coughlin, Director of the AgeLab, received the Partners Healthcare Connected Health Leadership Award for his innovative research in health technology and services to improve the lives of older… Read more


2013-10-24 • An MIT Technology Review feature story connected research across MIT contirbuting to the future of driverless cars. AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer shared his work related to driver attention… Read more


2013-10-11 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin writes in Wall Street Journal MarketWatch that while most aging baby boomers have made longer work their number one retirement strategy, it may not be that easy. The… Read more


2013-10-10 • *Update* In April 2013, MIT graduate students Celena Dopart, Anders Haggman, and Cameron Thornberry received the Volpe Best Transportation Presentation Award for their research paper entitled "A… Read more


2013-09-24 • AgeLab research scientists Dr. Bryan Reimer, Bruce Mehler and Daniel Belyusar contributed to UTC Spotlight, a USDOT publication, on their fidings regarding driver interactions with in-vehicle… Read more


2013-09-17 •  MIT AgeLab and The Hartford released joint findings on technology that helps older drivers behind the wheel longer. The press release in Reuters quotes AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin as saying, "The… Read more


2013-09-16 • Dr. Richard Young, professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences of Wayne State University School of Medicine spoke at the MIT AgeLab about his research on Cell Phone Conversations, Drowsy… Read more


2013-08-30 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer talks to the New York Times about how his research shows limits in driver workload can cause problems on the path to autonomous vehicles.  Read the article here…


2013-08-21 • MIT AgeLab's research on intelligent vehicle systems (e.g., active safety) and older drivers, done in partnership with the auto and insurance industries and the larger driver safety community is… Read more


2013-08-02 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin was interviewed on FoxBusiness discussing his examination of working past retirement and the new demands for maintaining what he refers to as your "personal… Read more


2013-06-21 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin presented a ‘Systems Approach to Technology, Innovation & Family Caregiving’ at the National Academies Institute of Medicine Forum on Family Caregiving June 19th in… Read more


2013-06-21 • AgeLab presented four papers on driver workload at the 7th International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in Driver Assessment, Training and Vehicle Design in Bolton Landing, New York. Citations… Read more


2013-06-16 •  ABC Australia interviewed AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer about the future of the driverless car. Read/listen here.


2013-06-16 • AgeLab's research on livable communities and development of the USDOT-funded MALL or Massachusetts Avenue Living Laboratory project was featured in The Atlantic. Urban Geographer and AgeLab Post-doc… Read more


2013-06-13 • Robotics Tomorrow covered AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer's keynote at this year's Driverless Car Summit. Read the story here.


2013-06-11 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer spoke with USA Today about what he foresees to be the challenges of developing driverless cars. Read the article here.


2013-05-23 • Former AgeLab student researcher Dorothy Brown received a Fulbright to study in Brazil  the use of rice husk ash in concrete as a low-cost and environmentally friendly construction material. This… Read more


2013-05-22 •  Dr. Coughlin's most recent op ed for MarketWatch advises college graduates to plan for multiple careers and 60 years of work. Read the piece here.


2013-05-16 • Dr. Reimer breaks down distracted driving on Weather Channel. See video here.


2013-05-14 • Register here for our webinar on Tuesday, May 21, at 12pm ET (11 CT, 10 MT, 9 PT) Live from the MIT AgeLab, Healthways and the MIT AgeLab invite you to join some of the most forward-thinking health… Read more


2013-05-08 • Two simultaneous upheavals are in the process of shaping the future of markets and society: traditional information channels giving way to the Internet, and the steady demographic shift to an older… Read more


2013-04-26 • AgeLab director Joe Coughlin, along with researchers Hilde Waerstad and Alea Mehler walk BBC World News correspondent Adam Shaw through its different projects for an inside look. Adam takes a spin in… Read more


2013-04-22 •  On April 9, 2013 Ms. Miller and Dr. D’Ambrosio gave a talk entitled “A Tough Decision in Later Life: Older Adults and Driving “ at the Roger Williams University Law School, sponsored by the Roger… Read more


2013-04-17 • AgeLab director Joe Coughlin guestblogson MarketWatch.com: Retirement planning is about more than money. A focus on finance in retirement is not incorrect, but it is woefully incomplete. Read the… Read more


2013-04-16 • A recent article in the MIT Technology Review discussed the challenges of approaching automation in on-road vehicles. AgeLab's Dr. Bryan Reimer gave the reporter a test-drive in our AwareCar to get a… Read more


2013-04-11 • Anders Häggman will present "A Driving Simulation study Examining Destination Entry wtih iPhone iOS 5 Google Maps and a Garmin Portable GPS System" at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society - New… Read more


2013-04-07 •  The New York Times ran a story which included an interview from AgeLab research scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer on driver workload and the future of automobile safety. Read the article here.


2013-04-01 • NBC Nightly News featured a recently completed driving fitness study done by MIT AgeLab in partnership with The Hartford. The following are clips from the segment:   'I definitely feel a looser… Read more


2013-03-19 • The Wall Street Journal has rounded up a team they call "The Experts" - a group of "industry and thought leaders" including AgeLab director Joe Coughlin. The Experts will carry in-depth online… Read more


2013-03-18 • AgeLab research scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer was featured by MIT's Industrial Liaison Program in the ILP Insider. The profile overviews his work in optimizing driver-vehicle interface, including recent… Read more


2013-03-13 • AgeLab Director, Joseph Coughlin was interviewed along with industry experts in the recent issue of Bank Investment Consultant’s “Making Sense of Behavioral Economics.” Coughlin provided insight into… Read more


2013-03-12 • Introducing Technology Into Older Adults' HomesResearch scientist Lisa D'Ambrosio and research fellow Dick Myrick Tuesday, March 12, 2013: 02:30 PM - 03:30 PM Recent research at the MIT AgeLab… Read more


2013-02-21 • AgeLab director Joe Coughlin contributed an article to WSJ/MarketWatch to discuss considerations in aging-in-place or downsizing. He discusses AgeLab's research on aging-in-place, assessing age-… Read more


2013-01-31 • AgeLab research associate Bryan Reimer spoke with PBS Next Avenue about trust and driverless cars. Read the article here.


2013-01-29 •  Joe Coughlin identifies transportation critical to retirement planning on Wall Street Journal MarketWatch in his article Transportation: Retirement on the Move.


2013-01-16 • AgeLab Founding Director Joseph Coughlin gave a keynote lecture at the National Academies Institute of Medicine Forum "Fostering Independence & Healthy Aging Through Technology" in Washington, DC… Read more


2013-01-16 •  MIT AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer was interviewed by CBS Boston for a segment that aired last night. He discusses how cars can sense physiology by monitoring pulse, heart rate and more.… Read more


2013-01-03 • MIT Technology Review discussed recent AgeLab findings on how different fonts might affect driver safety. Research scientist Bryan Reimer was quoted as saying, "We're not advocates of putting more… Read more