C3 Connected Home Logistics Consortium

C3 Connected Home Logistics Consortium

C3 Connected Home Logistics Consortium

A number of social and technological forces are converging to transform the way we exist in the home. The MIT AgeLab believes that tomorrow's home will not only be a place to live, but a platform of services and experiences provided by an interconnected ecosystem of technologies.

The MIT AgeLab C3 Connected Home Logistics Consortium will conduct research to envision the development of novel and evolving home services and serve as a catalyst for organizations seeking to develop them.

The three Cs of the Consortium are:

Connectivity - The increasing number of "households of one" - individuals who choose to live or find themselves living solo - requires new approaches to help people remain connected, enable 24/7 work, facilitate social interaction, and access vital services such as healthcare.

Convenience - Gallup reports that "cash-rich" consumers are those most likely to report time poverty. Younger consumers and dual-income families in particular are aggressively seeking ways to do more with less time. Tasks like housekeeping, home maintenance, grocery shopping, and meal preparation are seen as tasks to be filled, not experiences worthy of precious time.

Care - Nearly one in four families provide care to a loved one. For many older adults, getting around the commuity and taking care of the home and self become more difficult over time, and friends and family become critical sources of support. Technology-enabled services will be vital for families and clinicians charged with an older adult's wellbeing.

The Internet of Things and the sharing economy will serve as enablers for new kinds of products and services to fulfill these emerging needs. The MIT AgeLab plans to develop a platform that connects new technologies and services to improve quality of life across generations. 

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