Safe Driving & Lifelong Transportation

Safe Driving & Lifelong Transportation

As the population ages, maintaining mobility – the ability to get where you want or need to go when you want to – has become an increasingly important issue. For many older adults who rely on personal vehicles as their primary mode of transportation, the ability to continue to drive safely is of paramount importance. The MIT AgeLab has partnered with The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence on much of this research over the past decade to understand better some of the questions and concerns older drivers and their families may have around driving safely for a lifetime. Many of these publications can be downloaded or ordered for free from The Hartford.

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Topics Include:

For questions about whether a loved one is driving safely, or ideas on how to initiate constructive conversations with loved ones around the driving issue, see We Need to Talk: Family Conversations...
Families that have a loved one with dementia may find that in early stages, some drivers with dementia may be able to continue to drive safely. At some point, however, as the disease progesses, an...
Some women who find themselves widowed may also find themselves in the position of becoming solely responsible for their own mobility, or for the transportation needs of others in the household. For...


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