Michal Isaacson

Michal Isaacson

Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT AgeLab

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room E40-291
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Michal’s main research interests lie in the study of human spatial behavior. As an urban geographer and transportation researcher, she is interested in the way human behavior both consumes and creates the environments in which we live. Using advanced tracking technologies (primarily GPS) to collect data describing spatial behavior, Michal examines the association and interaction between the built environment and mobility. Michal is leading AgeLab’s research efforts in India and is interested in advancing the understanding of how aging in the world’s largest democracy is going to change our world.


MIT AgeLab
1 Amherst Street, 2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
ph: 617.253.0753
email: agelabinfo@mit.edu

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