NBC Talks to Reimer on the Future of Tech-Savvy Cars

Tue, 09/02/2014

NBC News featured AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer on the topic of technologically advanced automobiles. Reimer gave his expert opinion on the growing involvement of technology companies in the automotive space. As Apple and Google continue to battle it out for market dominance, the concept of creating a more fully customizable operating system in personal vehicles is becoming a reality.

NPR Interview: Dr. Joe Coughlin speaks on the future of aging

Fri, 08/15/2014

The MIT AgeLab’s founder and director Dr. Joe Coughlin speaks with AARP’s Primetime Radio on the future of aging in an interview coming soon to NPR. With host Mike Cuthbert, Dr. Coughlin examines what it means to grow older in a time when the number one retirement plan for the next wave of retirees is to simply keep working. Old age has long been associated with relaxation and pulling back. It is important to realize that aging today requires working a little harder and engaging mentally, physically, and emotionally in today’s world.

Kids today want their grandparents' financial advice

Fri, 08/15/2014

The MIT AgeLab, in partnership with TIAA-CREF and the AARP, is proud to announce a new study that examines grandparents’ influence on their grandkids’ money and saving habits.


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