AGNES puts her best foot forward on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday

Wed, 08/25/2010

The AgeLab's AGNES put its best foot forward on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, which aired a segment on the Age Gain Now Empathy System. AGNES, a suit designed to give its wearers the physical limitations of older age, was as part of a continuing series by NPR on aging. The article and sound bite can be found here.

Bryan Reimer presents research on cognitive distraction at Texas Transportation Institute

Mon, 06/07/2010

In his talk "Physiology and Visual Attention as Measures of Driver Cognitive Workload" AgeLab's Dr. Reimer focused on advanced driver workload management. He discussed how monitoring visual attention and other psychophysiological measures may be key attributes in detecting cognitive distraction and changing levels of driver workload. Results from a recent field study assessing changes in driver cognitive workload across multiple age groups were presented.

AgeLab on NPR's All Things Considered

Mon, 08/23/2010

The AgeLab e-Home Social Kitchen project, led by Professor Oli deWeck and Daisuke Asai, will be featured on NPR's All Things Considered today, at 4 and 6:20 pm. The e-Home project finds solutions to everyday living that allow older adults to complete daily tasks independently and safely.


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