Joe Coughlin on FoxBusiness Discusses Working Past Retirement

Fri, 08/02/2013

AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin was interviewed on FoxBusiness discussing his examination of working past retirement and the new demands for maintaining what he refers to as your "personal competitiveness".

ABC Australia talks to Dr. Reimer about the driverless car

Sun, 06/16/2013

 ABC Australia interviewed AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer about the future of the driverless car.

Read/listen here.

AgeLab's Joe Coughlin featured in McKnights Long-Term Care News

Thu, 11/08/2012

McKnights Long Term Care News, a leading publication for the long-term care and assisted living industry, featured a story summarizing a recent talk delivered by Joe Coughlin. The article highlighted Coughlin's observation that the future of long-term care and senior housing industry will rest on creative partnerships, strategic use of technology and the acknowledgement that the new needs of old age will require multiple innovations that address institutional change as much as technology integration.


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