TypeTester, available for Android, is purpose-built to bring data collection out of the lab and into the world. For the last several years, the AgeLab has investigated a number of issues related to the legibility of text, especially when read at a glance, as from a smartphone. While we have learned much from these laboratory-based experiments, we see a need to expand our efforts beyond the lab. We have developed the TypeTester application so that we can examine text legibility in a wide variety of contexts and situations. Download Now!

How It Works

TypeTester is a mobile application for Android smartphones. Several times a day, it will send a notification containing short "challenges", or simple tasks that help us measure text legibility. Users can set the number and frequency of these notifications to their liking. By gathering responses from a large number of users, we are able to learn more about text legibility in every day use situations. In exchange, the participants are automatically enrolled in a weekly prize raffle.

TypeTester is still just getting started! In the future, check back for updates on how we've used this data to advance research on text legibility.

Love It? Don't Love It? Give Us Feedback!

We're always looking to improve the TypeTester experience. If you have any feedback for us, good or bad, please email TypeTester@agelab.mit.edu.

Privacy Policy

We understand that privacy is of paramount concern to just about everyone these days. Therefore, TypeTester is designed as a privacy-first application. When a user responds to a challenge notification, TypeTester records the user's responses to the challenge, as well as some related information from the GPS, accelerometer, and light sensor, as well as basic information about the phone's screen qualities. This information is stored anonymously on the AgeLab's secure servers. A small amount of identifying information about the user is asked for only during sign-up, and is stored in a separate database, purely for the purpose of tracking raffle winners. The AgeLab will never share identifying information with any outside parties. Participants are free to discontinue their participation at any time.


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