Joseph M. Sussman

Joseph M. Sussman

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 1-163
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617.253.4330
Fax: 617.258.5942

Research Interests

Dr. Joseph M. Sussman is the JR East Professor (endowed by the East Japan Railway Company) in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Institute for Data Systems and Society at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he has served as a faculty member for 36 years. He is the author of "Introduction to Transportation Systems", a graduate text, in use at a number of universities in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Sussman specializes in planning, investment analysis, operations, management, design and maintenance of Complex, Large-Scale, Integrated, Open Systems (CLIOS), working in many applications areas.

Prof. Sussman, one of the original strategic planners of the U.S. ITS program, is interested in the application of advanced technologies to enhance the mobility of older people.

Dr. Sussman earned a BCE from City College of New York, an MSCE from the University of New Hampshire, and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering Systems from MIT. He has served as the head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and as director of the Center for Transportation and Logistics at MIT.


MIT AgeLab
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Cambridge, MA 02142
ph: 617.253.0753

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