2009 Publications

2009 Publications

Coughlin, J. (2009). Demographic Transition & Mapping Innovation in an Aging Europe. MIT AgeLab I2 Report, Working Paper 2009-02, Cambridge, MA.

Coughlin, J. (2009). Longevity, Lifestyle & Anticipating the New Demands Of Aging on the Transportation System. Journal of Public Works Management & Policy, 13(4), pp. 301-311.

Coughlin, J.F. & D’Ambrosio, L.A. (2009). Seven Myths of Financial Planning and Baby Boomer Retirement. Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 14(1), pp. 83-91.

Coughlin, J.F., Lau, J., D’Ambrosio, L. & Reimer, B. (2009). Adult children’s perception of intelligent home systems in the care of elderly parents. 3rd International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology (i-CREATe). Singapore

Coughlin, J.F., Reimer, B. & Mehler, B. (2009). Driver Wellness, Safety & the Development of an AwareCar. AgeLab White Paper, Cambridge, MA. (pdf)

Coughlin, J. & Tompkins, C. (2009). Demographics, Destiny & Anticipating the Future of the Transportation System. Journal of Public Works Management & Policy, 13(4), pp. 284-287.

Donorfio, L.K.M., D’Ambrosio, L.A., Coughlin, J.F. & Mohyde, M. (2009). To Drive or Not to Drive, That Isn’t the Question -- The Meaning of Self-Regulation Among Older Drivers, Journal of Safety Research, 40(3). pp. 221-226.

Gruenstein, A., Orszulak, J., Liu, S., Roberts, S., Zabel, J., Reimer, B., Mehler, B., Seneff, S., Glass, J. & Coughlin, J.F. (2009). City Browser: Developing a conversational automotive HMI. A Work-In-Progress paper in the Extended Abstracts of the 2009ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2009), Boston, MA.

Mehler, B., Reimer, B., Coughlin, J.F. & Dusek, J.A. (2009). The Impact of Incremental Increases in Cognitive Workload on Physiological Arousal and Performance in Young Adult Drivers. Transportation Research Record, 2138, pp. 6-12. Also appeared in (2009) Proceedings of the Transportation Research Board 88th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.

Reimer, B. (2009). Cognitive Task Complexity and the Impact on Drivers’ Visual Tunneling. Transportation Research Record, 2138, pp. 13-19. Also appeared in (2009) Proceedings of the Transportation Research Board 88th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.

Reimer, B., Coughlin, J.F. & Mehler, B. (2009). Development of a driver aware vehicle for monitoring, managing & motivating enhanced older operator behavior. Proceedings of the ITS America Annual Meeting and Exposition. Washington, DC.

Reimer, B., Mehler, B., Coughlin, J.F., Godfrey, K., & Tan, C. (2009). An on-road assessment of the impact of cognitive workload on physiological arousal in young adult drivers. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicle Applications. Essen, Germany, 115-118.

Reimer, B., Mehler, B., Lammers, V., Wang, Y., & Coughlin, J.F. (2009). A Comparison of Three Manual Destination Entry Methods on Their Impact on Visual Attention and Driving Performance: An On-Road Evaluation. Proceeding of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. San Antonio, TX. 1757-1761

Reimer, B., Mehler, B., Son, J., Pohlmeyer, A., Orszulak, J., Long, J. & Coughlin, J.F. (2009). A cross-cultural comparison of younger and older adults’ simulated highway driving performance under single and dual task conditions. Proceedings of the 5th International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in Driver Assessment, Training, and Vehicle Design. Big Sky, MT, 206-213.

Son, J., Lee, Y., Kim, M. & Reimer, B. (2009). Implications for HMI design: Understanding age induced limitations on in-vehicle task complexity. Proceedings of the 21st International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles. Stuttgart, Germany.

Wang, Y., Godfrey, K., Mehler, B., Reimer, B. & Coughlin, J.F. (2009). Assessing the validity of a driving simulation for comparing in-vehicle informational interfaces. Poster presented at The Eye and The Auto (TEATA) 2009 Research Conference., Warren, MI.

Yang, J.H., Mao, Z., Tijerina, L., Pilutti, T., Coughlin, J.F. & Feron, E. (2009). Detection of Driver Fatigue Caused by Sleep Deprivation. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part A: Systems and Humans, 39(4), pp. 694-705.


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