2014-10-01 • MIT AgeLab and Transamerica will jointly host the event, which examines the financial challenges facing people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia CAMBRIDGE, MA - On Thursday, October 2, MIT will... Read more


2014-09-25 • Automotive voice-command interfaces may require more visual engagement from drivers than previously thought, a recent series of MIT AgeLab / New England University Transportation Center studies have... Read more


2014-09-25 • In collaboration with TIAA-CREF, Joe Coughlin discusses the results and implications of a study examining the role of grandparents influencing the financial behaviors of Millennial and Gen Z... Read more


2014-09-25 • Joe Coughlin, Director of CTL’s New England University Transportation Center and founder of the AgeLab is featured by Fast Company Magazine in a special section sponsored by HP on the future of... Read more


2014-09-19 • Doug Newcomb describes walking through Toyota’s Distracted Walking Dojo, a collaboration between Toyota, MIT AgeLab and the New England University Transportation Center. The experience is intended to... Read more


2014-09-09 • Can data alone influence behavior? In his newest entry at the Huffington Post, Dr. Joe Coughlin applies lessons from the data-driven financial industry to the promise of quantified-self technologies... Read more


2014-09-02 • NBC News featured AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer on the topic of technologically advanced automobiles. Reimer gave his expert opinion on the growing involvement of technology companies in the... Read more


2014-08-15 • The MIT AgeLab’s founder and director Dr. Joe Coughlin speaks with AARP’s Primetime Radio on the future of aging in an interview coming soon to NPR. With host Mike Cuthbert, Dr. Coughlin examines... Read more


2014-08-15 • Like many at MIT, featured AgeLab researcher Dick Myrick is an engineer by training. But the path he took to his current role was decidely unusual, involving moves across continents, across... Read more


2014-08-15 • The MIT AgeLab, in partnership with TIAA-CREF and the AARP, is proud to announce a new study that examines grandparents’ influence on their grandkids’ money and saving habits. The study (read about... Read more


2014-08-12 • George Takei took a tour of the AgeLab and gained some new insights on aging!


2014-07-11 • The MIT AgeLab is pleased to congratulate Chaiwoo Lee on successfully completing her PhD thesis defense. The newly minted Dr. Lee's dissertation examines the factors that influence older adults'... Read more


2014-07-09 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer spoke at HMi 2014: Concepts & Systems on June 26 in Berlin. The event focused on human machine interfaces (HMIs) and more specifically, HMI concepts for... Read more


2014-06-26 • Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. and AgeLab developed a new, streamlined methodology for testing the legibility of typefaces on screens under glance-like conditions. The research uses an adapted... Read more


2014-06-24 • The Washington Post featured a story on older driver safety education and new car technology. The article highlighted AARP's Driver safety Program, the largest older driver education program in the... Read more


2014-06-16 • See Boston Globe coverage of MIT AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer at the NEMPA-MIT Technology conference here.


2014-06-13 • MIT AgeLab research scientist and New England University Transportation Center associate director Bryan Reimer speaks at the MIT Technology Review Digital Summit in San Francisco. During his talk, he... Read more


2014-06-09 • MIT AgeLab research scientist and New England University Transportation Center associate director Bryan Reimer participated in a panel for the New England Motor Press Association’s Technology... Read more


2014-06-05 • Recent findings from the MIT AgeLab and New England University Transportation Center (New England UTC) showed voice-command interfaces are placing demand on visual attention, an unexpected finding... Read more


2014-06-05 • AGNES received more media attention thanks to a visit to the lab by the BBC. Watch the clip here.


2014-05-23 • Dr. Bryan Reimer gave the talk “Enhancing Driver Focus: The Challenge of Optimizing the Driver-Vehicle Interface in an Increasingly Complex and Automation-Rich Operating Environment” for... Read more


2014-05-19 • The future of aging is not the future our grandparents once faced. It is brighter, with more opportunities and better resources for those growing old, and improved chances for second and third... Read more


2014-05-13 • At "Booming Tech," a recent Washington Post LIVE forum sponsored by AARP in Boston in conjunction with the Spring 2014 Life@50+ National Event and Expo, speakers from diverse... Read more


2014-05-13 • In conjunction with AARP's Spring 2014 Life@50+ National Event and Expo, held in Boston, MIT AgeLab hosted AARP leadership. The lab introduced AARP to new projects and discussed future tech for Baby... Read more


2014-05-13 • George Takei filmed the award-winning YouTube series Takei’s Take at AgeLab on Friday, May 9. The program will focus on our transportation research and work with AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy... Read more


2014-04-30 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer gave two talks at the 2014 Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities in Nashville, TN. In the first talk, “Driver Assistance Systems and... Read more


2014-04-22 • MIT students collaborated with AgeLab researchers on “A Comparison of the Demands of Destination Entry using Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy S4”. The project considered differences... Read more


2014-04-08 • Fast Company featured research performed at the MIT AgeLab on driver attention and font style. In a collaboration with Monotype, AgeLab researchers used the AwareCar and Miss Daisy, the driving... Read more


2014-03-25 • From smart phones to smart cars, both public and private entities must consider the needs of older adults in order to help them optimize the use of new technologies, according to the latest issue of... Read more


2014-03-13 • AgeLab research scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer talked on New Hampshire Public Radio about research and debate in New Hampshire regarding legistlature to battle distracted driving. Learn more here.






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