2012-04-12 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer spoke on driver workload and cognitive distraction at the Schepens Eye Research Institute. He highlighted results from publications on physiological reactivity... Read more


2012-04-10 •  The MIT AgeLab is consponsering an event hosted by the Tufts Nutrition Research Center that will focus on improving health in aging urban populations. AgeLab director Joe Coughlin will speak.... Read more


2012-04-06 •  AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin will speak April 11, 2012 at the Financial Communications Society’s Education Summit - Baby Boomers… or Bust: How to Market to and Influence the 50... Read more


2012-04-03 • AgeLab’s research scientist Bryan Reimer made the tech section of USA Today where he weighed in on voice controls as a distraction to drivers. Read the article here.


2012-04-02 • AgeLab research, let by Byran Reimer and Bruce Mehler, was featured in the Boston Globe Sunday Edition this weekend. Dr. Reimer was interviewed for the article on his team’s work on driver... Read more


2012-03-20 •  In collaboration with the MIT AgeLab, the National Academy of Sciences’ Marian Koshland Museum in Washington, D.C. has digitally inducted AGNES, the MIT AgeLab Age Gain Now Empathy System... Read more


2012-03-20 • MIT AgeLab director Joe Coughlin spoke on the NPR WGBH Emily Rooney Show about global urban aging and well-being. Guests joining him were Simin Nikbin Meydani, director of the Jean Mayer USDA Human... Read more


2012-03-16 • The CBC's The National interviewed AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer about how automation will effect driver behavior. If cars can't crash, is it okay to speed? Whathappens when... Read more


2012-03-13 • AgeLab and New England University Transportation Center research on the effect of increased driver cognitive demand appears in USA Today. Read the article here. An article featuring the research... Read more


2012-03-12 • Loss of situational awareness due to increased cognitive load is one of the areas considered at the AgeLab in our assessments of factors that impact driver safety. Recent findings have shown that... Read more


2012-03-06 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer was featured on the Discovery Channel in Life Behind The Wheel: A Roadmap For Safety. In Part 3, Dr. Reimer discusses driver distraction and how difficult it is... Read more


2012-03-06 • “The Doctors” co-host Travis Stork tried on AGNES, the MIT AgeLab Age Gain Now Empathy System, which simulates the physical limitations that may come with aging, diabetes, and... Read more


2012-03-02 • Agelab Director Joe Coughlin is on the cover of the March issue of Bank Investment Consultant, and contributed to the article, Behavioral Analysis: Benefits for Advisors. Coughlin discusses how... Read more


2012-02-27 • AgeLab research associate Bryan Reimer was interviewed for the New York Times “The New Old Age” blog. He discusses new assistive technology in the car that may help older adults parallel... Read more


2012-02-27 • AgeLab director Joe Coughlin and research scientist Lisa D’Ambrosio have co-edited Aging America and Transportation: Personal Choices and Public Policy. The book is available in hardcover and e... Read more


2012-02-13 • AgeLab director Joe Coughlin will be speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations on Tuesday, February 14 for the Washington Meetings Program and the Program on Aging Populations CFR’s 90th... Read more


2012-02-01 • On Wall Street discusses AgeLab work on trust (or lack there of) by Americans across different generations when seeking knowledge on health and wealth. Studies conducted in 2011 revealed people tend... Read more


2012-01-26 • MIT AgeLab’s Nan Zhao presented a paper at the Transportation Research Board 91st Annual Meeting this week. The paper, Exploring the relationship between the Driving Behavior Questionnaire and... Read more


2012-01-18 • MIT has been selected to lead the US Department of Transportation Research & Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) University Transportation Center for the New England Region. The... Read more


2012-01-18 • Articles in Reuters, the Boston Herald, CBS News and Entertainment Weekly have mentioned the recent AgeLab-Hartford Age of Opportunity study. Some of the mention is due to the birthday of Betty White... Read more


2012-01-10 • MIT AgeLab research scientist and associate director of the New England University Trasnportation Center was interviewed for the Business section of the Boston Globe regarding the dangers in-vehicle... Read more


2012-01-09 • AGNES was part of a limerick for the NPR quiz show, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! Below is the transcript from the show: KASELL: To see what my future might hold, this suit keeps my body controlled. Now... Read more


2012-01-06 • AGNES, the AgeLab’s Age Gain Now Empathy System, has been appearing in major news sources world-wide. The suit was featured in the Los Angeles Times, where AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin... Read more


2012-01-05 • discussed the findings from a recent study conducted by the MIT AgeLab and The Hartford regarding whether retirees feel they saved adequetly for retirement. AgeLab... Read more


2012-01-03 •  AgeLab director Joe Coughlin was interviewed in the Wall Street Journal. He commented on the growing reliance on older employees in the work force. Read the article here.


2011-12-16 •  Fast Company Design’s featured AGNES as a valuable tool in understanding the needs of our aging population. Read the article here.


2011-12-13 • ABC Chronicle interviewed Joe Coughlin on Monday, December 12, along with Hugh Herr from the MIT Media Lab and two other individuals the program is naming ‘Gamechangers’ – people... Read more


2011-12-09 •  In a recent CNNMoney article, the importance of designing new high-technology products with consideration for the older demographic is disgussed. AgeLab’s eHome Project is mentioned as an... Read more


2011-12-09 • discussed recent findings made jointly by the MIT AgeLab and The Hartford in the October 2011 Age of Opportunity study. The study investigated the American public’s... Read more


2011-12-07 •  AgeLab director Joe Coughlin is the featured speaker today at the Home Care Innovation Showcase and 2011 Home Care Star Awards. The event is held at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in... Read more






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