2012-09-12 • AgeLab research fellow Dick Myrick presented current AgeLab research, as well as ideas on improving life tomorrow, to the Framingham Council On Aging on September 6. There was a "full house... Read more


2012-09-04 •  AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer was quoted in a recent Consumer Reports article discussing the importance of understanding new in-vehicle technology before relying on it. Read the... Read more


2012-08-27 • [UPDATE - August 27, 2012] The Boston Globe gave more coverage of recent findings AgeLab research scientists Bryan Reimer and Bruce Mehler released on a link between cell phone use behind the wheel... Read more


2012-08-20 •  A frequent contributor to The Blog on The Huffington Post, AgeLab director Joe Coughlin writes about the barriers to use of autonomous vehicles in the future from safety, trust and... Read more


2012-08-15 •  In a Reuters article about the future of autonomous vehicles, MIT AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer was quoted for his distrust of futuristic vehicles that would lead drivers to paying... Read more


2012-08-03 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer was quoted in a recent article discussing the pros and cons of bring Siri into the vehicle. Read the article at


2012-07-02 • The AgeLab was featured in a story for the June 2012 edition of Vision Zero International regarding its latest distracted driving research. The Delayed Digit Recall (n-back) task the lab developed... Read more


2012-06-15 • AgeLab director Joe Coughlin gave a presentation during a webinar hosted by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association on June 14. His presentation, Engaging the New Online Health Consumer: How Well-being... Read more


2012-05-22 •  AgeLab and AARP have created the National Older Driver Safety Expert Panel to integrate a multidisciplinary perspective into the future of older driver education and curriculum. The panel holds... Read more


2012-05-17 •  MSN Autos covered the New England Motor Press Association and MIT’s industry conference on autonomous vehicles in a recent article. It includes quotes from AgeLab research scientist Bryan... Read more


2012-05-14 •  MIT AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer spoke at the NEMPA Autonomous Vehicle Conference at MIT on May 11. Dr. Reimer’s talk was entitled Automated Vehicles: A Safety Enhancement or... Read more


2012-05-14 • New England Center associate director and AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer was featured in the May 2012 issue of IE: Industrial Engineer. The article discusses Dr. Reimer's background and how... Read more


2012-05-10 •  AgeLab director Joe Coughlin has been maintaining a blog for the Huffington Post on a range of topics covering disruptive demographic trends, evolving lifestyles and new technologies. His most... Read more


2012-05-10 • In an effort to continue outreach to local community organizations, AgeLab research fellow Dick Myrick presented AgeLab work at the Wayland Council on Aging on Wednesday, May 9. The presentation... Read more


2012-05-09 • AgeLab research associate Bryan Reimer gave the talk “Automotive Technology, Driver Distraction and Demographics: Rethinking interface design to match driver capabilities”, hosted by the... Read more


2012-05-04 •  AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer was interviewed for Metro News in Canada on distracted driving. He discussed his methods for adding cognitive workload to participants’ driving... Read more


2012-05-04 • New England Center associate director and AgeLab research scientist Reimer contributes to The Boston Globe Magazine on driver distraction. Read the article here.  


2012-05-04 •  MIT AgeLab research scientist Bryan reimer shared findings and insights on distracted driving with USA Today.  Read the article here.


2012-04-12 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer spoke on driver workload and cognitive distraction at the Schepens Eye Research Institute. He highlighted results from publications on physiological reactivity... Read more


2012-04-10 •  The MIT AgeLab is consponsering an event hosted by the Tufts Nutrition Research Center that will focus on improving health in aging urban populations. AgeLab director Joe Coughlin will speak.... Read more


2012-04-06 •  AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin will speak April 11, 2012 at the Financial Communications Society’s Education Summit - Baby Boomers… or Bust: How to Market to and Influence the 50... Read more


2012-04-03 • AgeLab’s research scientist Bryan Reimer made the tech section of USA Today where he weighed in on voice controls as a distraction to drivers. Read the article here.


2012-04-02 • AgeLab research, let by Byran Reimer and Bruce Mehler, was featured in the Boston Globe Sunday Edition this weekend. Dr. Reimer was interviewed for the article on his team’s work on driver... Read more


2012-03-20 •  In collaboration with the MIT AgeLab, the National Academy of Sciences’ Marian Koshland Museum in Washington, D.C. has digitally inducted AGNES, the MIT AgeLab Age Gain Now Empathy System... Read more


2012-03-20 • MIT AgeLab director Joe Coughlin spoke on the NPR WGBH Emily Rooney Show about global urban aging and well-being. Guests joining him were Simin Nikbin Meydani, director of the Jean Mayer USDA Human... Read more


2012-03-16 • The CBC's The National interviewed AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer about how automation will effect driver behavior. If cars can't crash, is it okay to speed? Whathappens when... Read more


2012-03-13 • AgeLab and New England University Transportation Center research on the effect of increased driver cognitive demand appears in USA Today. Read the article here. An article featuring the research... Read more


2012-03-12 • Loss of situational awareness due to increased cognitive load is one of the areas considered at the AgeLab in our assessments of factors that impact driver safety. Recent findings have shown that... Read more


2012-03-06 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer was featured on the Discovery Channel in Life Behind The Wheel: A Roadmap For Safety. In Part 3, Dr. Reimer discusses driver distraction and how difficult it is... Read more


2012-03-06 • “The Doctors” co-host Travis Stork tried on AGNES, the MIT AgeLab Age Gain Now Empathy System, which simulates the physical limitations that may come with aging, diabetes, and... Read more






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