World Healthcare Innovation & Technology Congress

World Healthcare Innovation & Technology Congress

Thu, 11/02/2006

Dr. Coughlin Keynotes
November 2, 2006
Washington, DC

Dr. Joseph Coughlin, Director of the AgeLab, served as keynote at a plenary session of the World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress in Washington, DC on November 2, 2006. The event, co-sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, is a global forum presenting innovative technological advances and thought leadership in the use of technology to transform healthcare practice and enable better access, quality, safety, and greater cost effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare. Dr. Coughlin's keynote, entitled "Disruptive Demographics & the New Older Face of Healthcare," addressed the AgeLab's continuing study of the convergence between new technology and older consumer demands as the key driver of future innovations in healthcare in the United States and throughout the industrialized world. He made his remarks along with Ivo Lurvink, CEO of Philips Consumer Healthcare Solutions. The World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress hosted a wide variety of industry, government, and research leaders in healthcare from around the globe. Other speakers included Richard Granger, Director General of Information Technology, UK National Health Service, Tony Zook, President & CEO of AstraZeneca US, Leslie Norwalk, Acting Deputy Administrator Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, William Plested, President-Elect of the American Medical Association, and Dean Kamen of Deka Research. For more information on the event please click here. 


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