A Tough Decision in Later Life: Older Adults and Driving

Mon, 04/22/2013

 On April 9, 2013 Ms. Miller and Dr. D’Ambrosio gave a talk entitled “A Tough Decision in Later Life: Older Adults and Driving “ at the Roger Williams University Law School, sponsored by the Roger Williams University Elder Law Society. The two presented information about how changing demographics and global aging create not only societal challenges, but also opportunities for different businesses, services and professions to evaluate what they do and how they might do it differently to meet the demands of this new population. Noting that humans are notoriously poor long-term planners, Ms. Miller and Dr. D’Ambrosio focused on older drivers as an issue of interest for the legal profession and as an example of a case where many people do not make long term plans: many simply assume that they will drive until they die. The talk reported on research on older drivers around the issue of cutting back or stopping driving all together, noting the special case of drivers with Alzheimer’s disease, and the role that families, physicians, state departments of motor vehicles, and others play in advising the driving decision. The talk concluded with suggestions and resources for how caregivers and other stakeholders might support older adults around the driving decision.


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