Sorry Waymo, Almost Half of Consumers Say They'll Never Buy a Self-Driving Car

Thu, 05/25/2017

Business journalism website TheStreet published an article on the results of the AgeLab's annual automation survey, which found that public acceptance of fully autonomous vehicles has declined in the last year, particularly among those under the age of 45.

Some of the survey's results were highlighted in the article:

  • 48% say they'll never purchase a self-driving car.
  • Only 13% would feel comfortable with a fully automated vehicle.
  • Top reasons cited by those who vowed to never to buy self-driving cars included "loss of control" (37%), "I don't trust it" (29%), "it will never work perfectly" (25%) and "it's unsafe" (21%).

AgeLab Research Scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer said, "If we continue to spend billions of dollars developing vehicles that drive themselves, but consumers aren't ready for that technology, this will just be another illustration of a failed overlap between technology, policy and consumer interest ..."More limited function like [Traffic Jam Assist] would get people used to these technologies, moving the automation pipeline slowly [as] we build trust."

Read the full story here.


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