Rethinking Investment, Work Life, and Retirement

Rethinking Investment, Work Life, and Retirement

An article by AgeLab Director Joseph F. Coughlin in Pensions and Investments discusses the transformations in business and culture that will arise due to population aging and demographic change:

Nearly all nations are experiencing a combination of population aging and declining fertility rates. Forecasts predict that by 2047, there will be more people worldwide older than 60 years than children younger than 15. The fastest growing cohort in the U.S. is people age 85 and older. Studies suggest half the children born after 2000 might live more than 100 years...

Investment thinking must adapt to a new, older, primarily female, consumer that has unprecedented education, income and experience. Investing in the longevity economy includes responding to needs, but it also is about anticipating new wants.

Read Dr. Coughlin's thoughts in full here.


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