Reimer speaks at MIT OST Office of Research and Technology

Reimer speaks at MIT OST Office of Research and Technology

Dr. Bryan Reimer gave the talk “Enhancing Driver Focus: The Challenge of Optimizing the Driver-Vehicle Interface in an Increasingly Complex and Automation-Rich Operating Environment” for MIT OST Office of Research and Technology. Dr. Reimer is research scientist at the MIT AgeLab as well as associate director of the New England University Transportation Center.

A recording of the talk is available here. Below is a description of the talk:

Innovation in display technology, sensing systems and computational capabilities are rapidly impacting the driver-vehicle interface. New vehicle interfaces often present the driver with complex menu systems supporting a variety of visual-manual and auditory-vocal interactions. Clearly, the optimization of information can play a key role in reducing driver demand and enhancing driver focus. “Voice command” interfaces have been proposed as a means to allow drivers to engage with entertainment and connectivity systems while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel. Touch screens are increasing in prominence while traditional “knobs” and “buttons” are becoming less common, perhaps requiring drivers to focus additional attention to even the most basic interactions that were once just a “mindless button press”. Automation and advanced driver assistance systems are increasingly altering the basic attentional demands of vehicle control.


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