Money Magazine Profiles AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin Game Changer

Thu, 11/08/2012

Money Magazine featured Joseph Coughlin, Director, MIT AgeLab, in its Game Changer profile story in its November 2012 Retirement Guide issue. The article discusses Coughlin’s view and AgeLab’s research on how the future of retirement is about planning for longevity, not simply savings. While new technology has a vital role in our capacity to live longer better, Coughlin asserts that we will have to address questions we have always taken for granted given shorter life spans or the availability of family. Where will we live? How will we get around – and his particular favorite question – “who will change your light bulbs”? Each of these questions force us to think about our aging and retirement readiness where finance is a critical part, but only a beginning of how we will all live tomorrow.

Read the online version of the Money Magazine story here.


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