Marika Psyhojos Releases Survey for Doctors on Patient-Generated Data

Marika Psyhojos Releases Survey for Doctors on Patient-Generated Data

The development of technologies that can monitor one’s own health data figures to change the medical landscape, including, potentially, the basic relationship between patients and doctors. People are now able to collect all sorts of metrics about themselves - sleep and nutritional habits, blood pressure, blood glucose level, and much more - with simple and readily-available consumer tech products. But how near - or far - are doctors from incorporating patient-generated data into their practices?

Marika Psyhojos, a graduate student in the Technology & Policy Program at MIT, is conducting a study asking doctors and other medical care providers about their experiences with patient-generated data. The survey looks to uncover how often patients bring their own health data in to physicians and other care providers, as well as how those data are perceived and may be used. Even if certain tech-savvy patients bring in piles of information that they generated themselves, are physicians, care practices and hospitals capable of absorbing it? “I’m not expecting a lot of use of these kinds of technologies, despite the fact that they’re ready to be deployed by patients,” Psyhojos says. “It will be interesting to see if there are any disparities in opinion among doctors, such as by degree of experience or specialty.” Psyhojos’ work is informed by research in physician empathy.

Medical providers interested in participating in this research are highly encouraged to complete the survey, found here. 


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