Life Tomorrow? There's an App for That!

Life Tomorrow? There's an App for That!

The MIT AgeLab convened the daylong symposium "Life Tomorrow? There's an App for That!" on Sept 30, 2015, to trigger a conversation on how sharing and on-demand companies might serve tomorrow's older adults—and which incumbent services might be made redundant as a result. Participants included a variety of new, sharing/on-demand companies as well as major incumbent firms.

Pairs of facilitators, chosen to represent a range of viewpoints, led each of the symposium’s four sessions. The day's topics ranged from a discussion of what constitutes "on-demand" or "sharing economy" services, how "life-by-app" might or might not work, and which companies or industries might experience creative destruction.

View the cartoon that kicked off the conference!


MIT AgeLab
1 Amherst Street, 2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
ph: 617.253.0753

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