Journal of American Medical Association features AgeLab findings

Journal of American Medical Association features AgeLab findings

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) featured findings from AgeLab in Older Patients: Safe Behind the Wheel? The article addressed how many physicians hesitate to recommend revoking an older adult’s driving privileges away because they are uncertain of how the driver is compensating for impairments behind the wheel.

AgeLab data demonstrates that 27.1% of older adults living with a partner want to hear about driving concerns from their physician before being told by family. And that number is at 41% for older adults living alone.

AgeLab’s Lisa D’Ambrosio, interviewed for the article, gave suggestions on how to approach conversations with older adults on losing a driver's license, emphasizing strategies that maintain the relationship between physician and patient. Bryan Reimer, also of AgeLab, contributed new in-vehicle safety technologies that are being introduce into the market that may help older drivers have a longer, safer driving career.

Download a pdf of the article by following this link.


MIT AgeLab
1 Amherst Street, 2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
ph: 617.253.0753

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