Joe Coughlin Named a 2018 World Mind

Joe Coughlin Named a 2018 World Mind

AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin was recognized as a World Mind and selected as a keynote speaker at the WORLD.MINDS 12th annual symposium in Zurich, Switzerland. The topic of the 2018 symposium was mobility,

Dr. Coughlin spoke about disruptive demographics -- a rapidly aging population, a falling birthrate, and a delayed ascent into adulthood for post-adolescent Millennials. These changes will result, Dr. Coughlin says, in "profound changes for real estate, profound changes for land use, and certainly profound changes for mobility."

WORLD.MINDS is a community of leaders in science, arts, and business. WORLD.MINDS meets once a year in Zurich, Switzerland, for an annual "closed-door" symposium Twelve international thought leaders were named World Minds in 2018.



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