Joe Coughlin featured in Washington Post article on older drivers and new car tech

Tue, 06/24/2014

The Washington Post featured a story on older driver safety education and new car technology. The article highlighted AARP's Driver safety Program, the largest older driver education program in the nation. Last year, AgeLab director Joe Coughlin led an expert committee advising AARP on changes and updates to the program in light of a changing older driver population, dynamic context of road safety and new technology. A key component of the course update addresses new vehicle systems that may improve safety but introduce new challenges such as learning to use and trust devices that add complexity to the decades of experience an older driver has had with automobiles. Coughlin notes in the Washington Post article that the car has historically been mechanical, but is increasingly software-heavy. Coughlin adds that new technology demands a new car buying experience - one that focuses on educating buyers on navigating these valuable systems easily and safely.

Read the full article here.


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